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  1. Hi Mr Stewart.
    Congratulations on the success of your book and on the tenacity of your research. I was gripped by your story and read the book in a day. I am interested in the case and have followed theories on various websites for years. I was wondering where you saw your research leading you next: what other avenues for investigation are there to prove that your father was the Zodiac? (Other than DNA) Does your father’s shoe size fit that of the boot print left at a scene of crime? Is there anything linking him to a basement flat prone to flooding? Do any of the stories the Zodiac told to Bryan Hartnell match up? (I seem to remember Mexico being featured?). Once again, well done on bringing this to light in such an eloquent, sensitive way.

    • Thank you for your kind words regarding my story. As you’ve seen, the book contains an overwhelming amount of information and evidence, and I believe that in order to be fair to any authorities interested in pursuing the evidence I’ve provided, I need to allow them time to read my book and then do their own research into the Zodiac case. I had hoped that the SFPD would have reached out to me by now, but I understand that my story is a long and complicated read, and so I’ll continue to wait. Although I’ve stated that I hope to get on with my life, which includes enjoying my family, and everything ‘not Zodiac,’ of course I am committed to ushering this to closure. I have, for various reasons, not included every piece of evidence related to the Zodiac case in this book, and hope to reveal more to push the case along, should the wheels of justice become ‘stuck again.’

      As far as my father’s shoe size, I tried to find that out, but found that to be quite impossible to nail down. My father was 5’8” tall, almost 5 full inches shorter than me. I wear a size 11 to 11-1/2, so one could always make a guess as to where his shoe size would be. My father had access to military style shoes because of my grandfather’s association with the Navy and Navy Reserve.

      As far as the basement connection, I’ve not had time to pursue the construction plans of all of the places my father lived in the 1960s and 1970s, but I also am not certain that there’s any substance to Zodiac’s claims to have a basement, as it has nothing to do with motive or opportunity, and only hints to the fact that his ‘means’ were foiled by a flood.

      As for Hartnell’s statements regarding his encounter with the Zodiac, ‘glasses with a clip on, needing a vehicle to go to Mexico, that completely corroborates my father as being there. Once again, thank you so much for reaching out and for your very kind comments about the book. I believe that as time goes by, and, if the authorities dig into what I’ve provided, that they will see that there is much more depth to the information provided by The Most Dangerous Animal Of All, that appears on the surface…and I am ready and prepared to help lead them to close this case.

      Warm Regards,

  2. Gary,
    Congratulations on the success of your book and thank you for sharing your story publicly. It was fascinating and seamlessly written. As a Vallejo resident, the information was a bit relieving I’ll admit. Finally knowing the identity and motive is incredible. I hope the police take it seriously and close the case. I appreciate the pain and lengths you had to go to in order to share this with us.

  3. Dear Mr. Stewart,
    First of all congratulations on your book, it is a very interesting read. I have not finished it yet but am currently half-way through. I’ve been an internet sleuth concerning the Zodiac case for only a few years. I was reading through some of the handwritten zodiac letters and came across a supposed type-written letter which is in debate as to being a genuine zodiac letter. Anyway, the letter states that his name is on the bottom of the lid with the scotch tape. On the bottom lid it says important with a giant arrow pointing up, ” For best results follow these two easy rules.” I just thought it may be of some significance considering the word “best” is indeed written on the bottom of the lid.

  4. Hi Gary,

    Just read your book, loved it, very convincing.

    One question: do you think your father was in or around long beach in 1977?


    • Thanks for your question, Dennis. I haven’t looked at the Polk City Directories to confirm, but I know he moved there sometime between 1976 and 1980.


  5. Dear Mr Stewart,
    I just finished reading your book and can’t get it out of my head. What an interesting story. There seems to be NO other conclusion but the one that is revealed in your book. All of the pieces and clues all come together to finally explain everything. Also very interesting how and why the SFPD covered up and “closed” this case. Is there anything that your readers can do to put pressure on them to release information and investigate what you have found? Do you think a movie might finally prompt this investigation forward? Your father definitely seemed to be a complicated person which seems to have been part of the reason he was so hard to find. Do you think that there maybe other victims out there? Your book is written with such courage and honesty, thank you for sharing your life with us.

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my story. As you suggested, I absolutely believe that there is NO other conclusion to my research and findings. There is just too much evidence validating my conclusion to be considered coincidence or some tragic fluke. Thank you for offering to help to bring the case to closure. I can assure you that this case will not be solved and closed due to the release of a book or a movie. It will be solved based on real evidence. As I indicated in my book, the SFPD gets an unbelievable amount of tips on the Zodiac case. During my visits to the Hall of Justice in 2004 and 2005, I can confidently guesstimate that Hennessey received a phone tip every day, with someone on the other end claiming that their husband, father, or acquaintance, was the Zodiac killer. Over the course of some 46 years, not one of those tips or suspects has led the department to officially solve and close the case. In fact, I believe it further aggravates the entire disposition of the department by having so many people exploit such an infamous case. I remember Hennessey being quoted sometime around the release of the 2007 David Fincher Zodiac film as saying that he “hated” this case. Who could blame him? You read about the message on his answering machine. Unfortunately there are no ‘whacko filters’ and if the department is to do the right thing for the case, or any case for that matter, it has to go through all of the time wasting follow-ups on prank tipsters, and that has got to be extremely frustrating. However, that same man who said he hated the Zodiac case, heard my story, saw my evidence and proceeded to follow through on my case. The other officers involved in my case are now gone. I truly believe that there is nothing more the SFPD would like to do than to finally solve and close the Zodiac case. I believed that then, and I believe that now. And I am going to do everything I can to help and trust that they do the right thing.


  6. I enjoyed your book so much. It was hard to put it down. An amazing – yet awful – story. I am very happy you found your mother.
    I just bought this book by TIME/LIFE entitled “Inside the Criminal Mind.” The writer indicates that the Zodiac Killer has still not been identified.
    Just a little bit of information.

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