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    • Still working on film project. Mum continues to be the word on DNA…for the moment. I will update as soon as I am able to do so! Thank you for asking.

      • Gary. Just watched a new investigative tv special on the zodiac killer. Channel wral at 10pm est 14 Nov 2017. That program is trying to connect a Sullivan to the zodiac. Continues next Tuesday same time. Is your research connected to this TV show? What I saw so far is in opposition to your research. What is your take on this?

        • Hi Karen,

          My work is not associated with this History Channel Documentary. This History Channel Documentary will not ‘solve’ the case, as there was one Zodiac Killer and he was Earl Van Best, Jr. There will be more information regarding my case in the coming months. Stay tuned.
          Thank you for your comments.

  1. I am just touched by this story .amd I have not even read the book. I watched the movie then documentary on the killer then that led to adopted son video on you tube .. and it’s like the best worst thing.. I mean if there could be a movie with all of this .. I think yes it could open up a lot but people could have closure and answers family could finialy rest and new family start .this story is a thriller a drama it’s amazing

    • Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for your comments. I too believe that the entirety of my story would be a great movie, and what a great thing it would be for the family members of the victims to finally have closure. I hope you enjoy the book as much as you did the interview on YouTube.

  2. I heard your story on NPR recently and could hear the pain in your heart when you spoke about your Dad dropping you off. It seems like such a heartless act, especially after having kids of your own and knowing what unconditional love for your children is suppoesed to feel like. After hearing your story, I had a different perspective on why your father did what he did and I hope that you are open to hearing it. Possibly, as a father, he loved you so much that he gave you up. He knew the severe emotional feelings that he was having and, knowing what he was capable of doing, gave you up in the quickest, most earnest way he knew how to do it. I dont think he gave you up out of hate, I believe for you that he gave you up out of deep love. After all, look at the beautiful life that you created for yourself despite the odds.

    • Thank you for reaching out. You make a very good point, one others have suggested to me. I couldn’t agree with you more about the beautiful life I have, not that I created it, but the life my Stewart family afforded me by giving me the ‘nurture’ of love, faith, hope and forgiveness. My wife specifically steers me in that direction whenever those feelings of abandonment begin to surface, which they do often. The best remedy for me is to simply not think about it, but as you can imagine, that’s difficult to do. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

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