Very few books can be properly described as unique, and in particular there are very few new things under the True Crime sun. But I promise that you’ve never read anything like The Most Dangerous Animal of All by Gary L. Stewart with Susan Mustafa. The tale they tell is mesmerizing from the first page, and the story includes a shattering surprise that will sear itself in your memory. Just be prepared to read non-stop; as opposed to the usual overblown hype, this really is a book that you won’t be able to put down.

– Jeff Guinn, author of Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson

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  1. I just finished the audio version of Gary’s and Susan’s book. They did a fantastic job of telling Gary’s life and research. The evidence is extremely compelling. Please seriously consider buying this book for your library as it will undoubtedly not only become a game changer of this long-standing mystery but a template of how to honestly research and present such important revelations. Kudos to the authors and for Gary to publicly reveal these difficult, personal truths.

  2. Insane. The proof & clues in this book are just insane. As my dad would say “awesomesauce”. Not only does this book reveal much more than I had imagined, but it’s also beyond well written. Can’t wait to hear what’s next

  3. Absolutely astounding book! Van was so overwhelmingly the Zodiac that the SFPD should just close the case right now. The Arthur Leigh Allen hint in the film was nebulous at best, it was pretty obvious that the real killer had ” gotten away” until now.

    Gary, have you been able to contact Toschi or the guy that Jake Gyllenhaal played???

    Unbelievable achievement

    Best wishes from Liverpool, UK


    • Thank you for your kind words, Martin. Since publication, I have returned to San Francisco four times. On my most recent two trips, I have had dinner with a friend who is actually a former coworker of Dave Toschi. This friend actually reached out to Toschi before our first meeting in September. If you recall, the Daily Mail newspaper reached out to Toschi in May after my book came out, and he commented that he would ‘be looking into the book.’ I had hoped that if our mutual friend reached out to him inviting him to meet with me privately, that he might be agreeable to meet me to discuss the case. Toschi is getting up in age, and I’m not sure of the state of his health and his ability to meet and discuss the case. I’m also not certain if he ever read my book. I believe if he did, and he were physically able, that he would want to take a look at the case files again and look for my father’s name and assist in whatever way he could. I will continue to reach out to him via our mutual friend each time I return to San Francisco, if for nothing else but to say hello and wish him well.
      Thanks again for your question!

      • Impressed by your research and perseverance Gary. I’m amazed that your evidence is not taken seriously by others. I must admit I am most impressed by your family and the support they provided and which encouraged you to go the distance.
        The organisation of you literary material is exemplary.

  4. I grew up with the lore of the Zodiac and as a kid it scared me that he was never caught. Excellent book. It takes a lot of guts to make the decision to go public with this suspicion.

  5. Hello, I have an aching question to ask anyone who knows. How tall was Earl van Best Jr.? It would be great if somebody would also give me the weight as well.


    • Hi Owen,
      According to my father’s RAP sheet, he was 5’8″ tall in 1962, and 157#. Of course, the amateur sleuth’s who have their own Person Of Interest and want to attack my discovery because it’s not their POI, will first attack that my father was ‘too small’ to be the Zodiac Killer, even though the witness description clearly states the suspect was 5’8″ tall! They get ‘hung-up’ on the weight, which the original description indicates ‘Heavy Build’, meaning a ‘Heavy’ 5’8″. The RAP sheet of my father was taken after he had ‘eloped’ with my mother and was desperately low on money and according to my mother, didn’t have money for food. My father went to San Quentin in 1963, where he was fed the most calories he’d likely ever eaten in his lifetime, three-times-a-day. So, the fact that upon his release, he was probably 200# or more, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
      Thanks for your question.

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